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CPRE Lancashire responses to St Helen’s new Local Plan consultation

Advocating the use of “smart growth” principles.

CPRE advocates local plan making which forms the legal bedrock of all local planning decisions. St Helens’ local plan policies and allocations should accord with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and enable sustainable development within local environmental limits. And, it should not be forgotten that environmental capacity issues include air quality and carbon emissions.

Essentially, CPRE supports the right development in the right places for the right reasons, or ‘smart growth’ which identifies where needed development should take place based on sound town and country planning principles, such as urban concentration, reliance on sustainable travel patterns, improvement of existing infrastructure, reuse of previously developed (brownfield) land and provision of high quality green spaces to achieve true sustainable development.

CPRE is keen to see that local planning authorities have properly exercised the new ‘duty to co-operate’ to ensure ‘strategic issues’ are adequately addressed and by doing so ensure greenfield development, particularly Green Belt loss, is avoided, minimised or where absolutely unavoidable is adequately planned.

We believe policies need to stipulate adequate community infrastructure, such as affordable housing, school places and public transport in order to ensure development is sustainable in the long term. New development also ought to be designed to enhance the natural environment and reflect local character.

St Helens has lovely countryside and it should not be so easily sacrificed. Once it is built on it is lost forever.

CPRE Lancashire’s comments on the New Local Plan for St Helens 2018-2033 Preferred Options consultation and and the Draft Green Belt Review are set out below.

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