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CPRE's response to Transport for the North's Strategic Transport Plan

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 13:56

Transport for the North Strategic Transport Plan Transport for the North Strategic Transport Plan

On 16th April 2018 CPRE responded to the public consultation by the Transport for the North (TfN) on its Strategic Transport Plan (STP).  The STP covers 20 or so separate highway authority areas and sets out ambitious plans for investment over the next 30 years. For details, see the Transport for the North's website.

Our comments call for TfN to ensure that the STP enables sustainable and appropriate economic growth, but also adequately provide for the social needs, especially of rural communities.

We believe that the STP prime objective should be to improve the overall quality of life of people in the north, with economic growth recognised as a means, and not an end, in itself. Our countryside is a real asset, it is a national icon and it should be better valued as the STP is developed. The STP should enable economic development and preserve the special beauty and character of the English countryside.
CPRE’s over-riding ask of TfN is to ensure that the next version of the STP is based on more sustainable and innovative solutions. We recommend more focus is needed on a significant reduction of private car travel demand, and road building due to the associated social and environmental harm.
We also acknowledge that adequate funding of the STP will be a major factor in enabling the North to succeed in its economic, social and environmental ambitions. We would like to discuss with TfN ways of lobbying the Government for a fair share of investment in transport infrastructure for the North.

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