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CPRE Lancashire welcomes Green Belt protection call by Inspector’s Report on Burnley’s Local Plan

Wednesday, 11 July 2018 20:03

Burnley Local Plan Burnley Local Plan

CPRE Lancashire engaged with Burnley’s Local Plan Team during the various stages of the Local Plan progression.  In accordance with CPRE policy we wrote responses querying the assumptions used for the housing and employment projections, and advocated that the Local Plan with lower housing and employment land requirements should be adopted to steer sustainable development in the future.  We successfully made recommendations for a number of housing and employment sites to be saved from Green Belt release.

Consequently, CPRE Lancashire is pleased that the Inspector’s Report, July 2018 has called for a reduced housing requirement from 209 to 194 dwellings per year to ensure that it is justified by the most up to date evidence and that the employment land requirement  be reduced from 90ha to 66ha to ensure that it is justified.
Two proposed employment sites on farmland in protected Green Belt designation have been removed from the Local Plan Site Allocations, including land at Burnley Bridge Extension (EMP1/12) a large site of 10.27 hectares, and Shuttleworth Mead South (EMP1/13) also a large site of 9.27 hectares, as there are not exceptional circumstances to alter the Green Belt in these cases. 


The Inspector has also recommended the removal and amendment to other site allocations for employment and housing to take account of the up to date situation regarding construction, alternative proposals and likely delivery.  CPRE Lancashire had called for the deletion of the Former Ridgewood High School (MM7 HS1/18) of 3.42 hectares proposed for 42 houses, among other sites in open countryside due to the harm posed on farmland, and rural landscape character.  In addition, the housing trajectory needs to be amended to reflect the up to date situation and set out a more realistic approach to delivery timescales is required.
The Full Council is due to meet to consider the adoption of the Local Plan.  CPRE Lancashire will continue to engage constructively with Burnley Council to ensure the Inspector’s Report recommendations are implemented, and in doing so we will support the Council to achieve the most sustainable development in Burnley, providing enough needed development, while at the same time ensuring that countryside protection, especially Green Belt designated land, is a priority.



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