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Lancashire - Campaign to Protect Rural England

Finding alternative sites to build: a summary of our work so far

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 19:58

Finding alternative sites to build: a summary of our work so far

CPRE Lancashire has developed the Brownfield Land Register Toolkit to facilitate our work with planners and members of the community to identify sites that are missing from Local Authority Brownfield Registers, with the aim of reducing pressure to develop in the countryside by highlighting previously-developed sites, which are generally in more sustainable locations.

Developing brownfield sites can have the added benefit or improving unsightly areas which can attract fly-tipping and littering, and if the site is unsuitable for development, it may provide another vital community function if it can be planted up as an urban green space.

Download our presentation here to see our work so far using the Brownfield Toolkit - the toolkit can be downloaded from our dedicated page:


To focus more effort on important rural campaigns CPRE Lancashire has closed the Springfield Office in Leyland.  To get in touch with us, please contact or phone 01772 378831. Post can be sent to CPRE Lancashire, c/o Acres Brook, Sabden Road, Higham, BB12 9BL

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