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Greater Manchester Mayor and the Spatial Framework

Friday, 31 March 2017 12:39

Public meeting held by CPRE in December 2016 to discuss key issues of GMSF Public meeting held by CPRE in December 2016 to discuss key issues of GMSF Photo: © Anne Kurdock

CPRE Lancashire publishes Mayoral Manifesto.

Our team has been busy meeting prospective mayoral candidates for Greater Manchester to promote the protection and enhancement of the countryside and green space. As part of this campaign, CPRE Lancashire has now published its Mayoral Manifesto which is attached below. The Mayor who will be elected on the 4th of May will lead the combined authority and progress the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), a strategic planning policy document, that once adopted will guide investment and planning decisions for the next 25 years.

In January, our team submitted a response to the draft GMSF which included an analysis from an independent expert demographer commissioned by the Branch which demonstrated that the housing and jobs projections in the draft GMSF are too high since the methodology on which they are based is arithmetically flawed. Our response highlighted the value of green space and the need to improve the ambitions for using brownfield land, to achieve regeneration success and to take the ‘unnecessary’ threat of development on 4,990 hectares of Green Belt land around Greater Manchester. We objected to the release of land across the area with particular issues in Bury, Salford and Stockport and the cumulative impact of neighbouring authorities, such as Cheshire East, as they progress proposals for Green Belt development.

On the 1st of April we will be attending a Green Belt Rally held outside Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square. The Rally is organised by thirty or so local campaign groups whose members are vociferously opposed to Green Belt development proposed by the Spatial Framework. We support their endeavour to have the new mayor listen to local people and commit to ensuring the controversial proposals and ‘unnecessary’ loss of Green Belt are scrapped.

The Branch asks people to write to their MPs and to vote for a mayoral candidate who commits to the protection of the areas’ green spaces.

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