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Local plans

Local plans

CPRE can provide support and guidance to members of the public who wish to make their own comments on their local plans.

 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), instituted in March 2012 continues to require local authorities to have an up to date spatial plan to steer development over the next 15 year period. Local Plans replace Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) that were introduced with the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Local planning authorities must prepare a local plan which sets planning policies in a local authority area. These are very important when deciding planning applications. All local plan documents must be found to be sound by an independent Inspector via a public examination. The examination is the last stage of the process for producing a local plan. The process should have fully involved everyone who has an interest in the document and they should have had the chance to comment. CPRE Lancashire has focused effort on responding to draft Local Plans across Lancashire to support local authorities in their role to enhance and protect rural landscapes.

Local plans must demonstrate that they have been positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 as amended).

Local authorities were given 12 months to update their plans to be in accordance the NPPF. As of March 2013 tough new rules are in force allowing developers to build wherever they wish if they can demonstrate an up to date local plan does not exist or if it fails to demonstrate a 5 year supply of deliverable and viable land for development.

Local Plans, like the LDFs they replace, are basically a suite of planning documents that outline how a local authority area will be managed and how neighbourhoods will be shaped and are made up of a number of documents. Each authority refers to its suite of documents differently, but commonly there are documents such as the Statement of Community Involvement, Core Strategy, Land Allocations Document, Annual Monitoring Report, Local Development Scheme, Supplementary Planning Documents, Local Development Orders & Simplified Planning Zones.

For the Local Plan system to work well local people should take the opportunity to be involved in the preparation and amendment of local plan documents. CPRE Lancashire will help local people to do this using this guide to local plans which CPRE has produced.


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