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£150m road scheme approval ‘short sighted’

27th April 2020

CPRE is disappointed that funding for the A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool road scheme has been approved under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Scheme, in light of the need for modal shift away from car dependence where possible.

CPRE the countryside charity is opposed to road developments, such as this, because of the negative impact on our valuable countryside.

The new road will induce many more car journeys, and will cause farmland to be at risk from housing development, leading to the same level of delays in the long run. Experience shows the countryside charity that new road building causes significant environmental harm, ruins tranquility, wildlife habitats, undermines local plans that focus development in our urban areas and reduces farmland and with it domestic food security.

The current Covid-19 situation shows how vulnerable our food supplies are, and the Treasury has underwritten a lot of economic uncertainty. We must better protect and enhance our countryside assets.

Transport is the largest source of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the country at 126 million tonnes of CO2 emissions equal to 28%. This particular sector is significantly off track to meet climate change commitments. CPRE believes the Government ought to be considering radical plans to promote a transport hierarchy of walking, cycling, public transport (including rail), and the last resort should be roads.

Debra McConnell, Chair of CPRE Lancashire commented, ‘It is a short sighted approach spending so much public money on outdated road infrastructure. For CPRE Lancashire, this represents a missed opportunity to better connect rural Wyre with greener travel modes. We had hoped the Heathrow decision would lead to a review of spending on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.’

Click here for more information on how CPRE Lancashire supports local communities to oppose unwanted developments, such as this dual carriageway, and to understand better good planning for our rural places.

For more information on the road scheme, visit Highways England or see this article on Place Northwest.
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