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A neighbourhood plan begins for Bretherton

Leanne Dempsey
By Leanne Dempsey
2nd March 2023

CPRE assists Bretherton in producing its neighbourhood plan.

Our planning manager, Jackie Copley, is supporting the parish of Bretherton in developing a neighbourhood plan. This small rural village north-west of Chorley is linear in shape and agricultural in character, surrounded by fields in arable use. Its agricultural heritage and ecology is important not just to its human inhabitants but to declining farmland bird species.

By drafting a neighbourhood plan, communities like the village of Bretherton have the opportunity of influencing the future design of their area. Local stakeholders, from businesses to residents, can play their part in suggesting local topics which matter to them.

For example, the local pet food business is a key employer and it is looking at options for a community-renewable energy project.

Meanwhile, public transport is proving an important topic for this neighbourhood. Local people would like a more reliable bus service, providing them with improved access to the rest of the Chorley area.

For more information about Neighbourhood Plans, CPRE has a guide to neighbourhood planning here. They also have some guidance to help groups develop ways to protect their green landscapes.


Approaching Bretherton Village On Carr House Lane
Approaching Bretherton Village Paul Charlesworth