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Countryside Challenge

Becca Nelson
By Becca Nelson

This page contains all the supporting information for our Countryside Challenge booklet. If you haven’t got a booklet but would like to take part, download a copy below.

Countryside Challenge Booklet

This booklet has seven challenges for you to complete as you explore green spaces near your home and the countryside. Download it and print at home if you don’t have a copy.

Download here

Challenge 2 – exploring my local greenspace

A greenspace is an area of grass, trees or other plants set aside for people to use or for nature. Green spaces near our homes make the environment better by cleaning the air and helping people to feel more relaxed. They are also places for people to exercise, play and enjoy themselves.

    • If you have access to a mobile phone, you can use the free ‘Seek’ app to identify plants, bugs, birds and animals.

Find out more about the Seek app here

  • Extension sheet 1: use your senses to explore your local greenspace and write about what you experienced. Draw a picture of the activities you can enjoy there, and a map showing how the park is laid out.

Download here

  • If you need some inspiration, here is an example map!

  • Extension sheet 2: The Court Hey Park Rose Garden. Find out more about the history of the rose garden here at Court Hey Park, as well as how historic English roses were different from our modern roses, and colour in your own design for the flower beds.

Download here

Challenge 3 – cutting down on waste

Waste in our countryside harms our soils, rivers and oceans. Excessive and single-use packaging costs money to remove, destroy or recycle, and contributes to the climate emergency. And wasted energy, such as light pollution, can also have a harmful effect on nature and the climate. Here are some ideas for ways that you can make a difference:

Dark skies: download the CPRE activity pack

Download the Skyview Lite app to find out what you can see in the night sky!

Skyview Lite for Android

Skyview Lite for Apple

Challenge 4 – investigate local and seasonal food

Challenge 5 – how sustainable is my travel?

Challenge 6 – survey a hedgerow

Challenge 7 – the countryside code

  • Extension sheet – following the countryside code

Download here

Christmas event at Court Hey Park – Grow your own Christmas Tree instructions!

If you’ve attended the session at Incredible Edible Knowsley and we have run out of instructions for growing your own Christmas tree, you can download them by clicking the orange button below.

Download here


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