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Manchester’s March for Climate Justice: 6th November

Mike Cushing
By Mike Cushing

CPRE members across the country took part in marches for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice on November 6th. Here’s an account from Manchester from CPRE volunteer Mike Cushing, at his first ever protest march.

March for climate justice, Manchester | Mike Cushing

I set off with a little trepidation to my first-ever protest gathering and march! After all, it’s not something that a 66-year-old might do every day – let’s leave it to the youngsters eh?

WI banners | Mike Cushing

But climate change and climate justice is something that affects us all – my generation is not the one that is going to see the worst effects of what we all know will happen unless things change.

“Climate Justice” | Mike Cushing

It was a very peaceful protest – certainly, there was no anger or hint of trouble.

“Save the Planet” | Mike Cushing

Taking photos wearing my CPRE hi-vis tabard meant that I was asked a few times who I was representing – when I said ‘CPRE’, there was a bit of a blank look, but a bit of further conversation about what CPRE stands for and the fragility of the countryside in the face of climate change helped to clear things up.

“Earth on fire” | Mike Cushing
“Live better with less” | Mike Cushing

There was a real mix of age groups – plenty of families were involved, which was good to see.

“Save Peatland” | Mike Cushing
“With courage, nothing is impossible” | Mike Cushing

I tried to get some photos that captured the emotions of people – some of whom, like me, may have attended for the first time because they had strong views on the subject.

Protesters at the Manchester March for Climate Justice | Mike Cushing
“Climate jobs now” | Mike Cushing
“#ClimateStrike” | Mike Cushing
“People and planet before profit” | Mike Cushing
“Code red for climate” | Mike Cushing
“Climate action now” | Mike Cushing
“Make COP26 Count” | Mike Cushing

The text above is taken from a longer piece which will soon be published on the website

March for climate justice, Manchester Mike Cushing
Quernmore landscape