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Barton Grange Garden Centre Bolsters Local Charities with Generous Donation

By anthonyj
15th February 2024

Barton Grange Garden Centre has recently showcased its commitment to supporting local causes through a generous donation distributed among four charities.

Including ourselves, RSPCA Fylde, The Hawk & Owl Trust, and the Creative Space Centre, each charity received £663 from the proceeds of a Santa donation event, underlining Barton Grange’s dedication to making a positive impact within the community. This contribution reflects a thoughtful engagement with local organizations, reinforcing the importance of community support and collaboration.

The donation from Barton Grange Garden Centre to these local charities highlights a broader initiative to bolster community efforts and support a wide range of causes. By facilitating this generous contribution, Barton Grange has not only provided financial support but also brought attention to the vital work being done by charitable organizations within the local area. It is actions like these that strengthen community bonds and underscore the significance of local support in achieving collective goals.