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CPRE Lancashire Expresses Disappointment Over A57 Link Roads Legal Outcome

By anthonyj
23rd April 2024

The planned dual carriageway at Mottram, intended to alleviate traffic congestion, has instead raised substantial concerns about its impact on the nearby Peak District National Park and its surroundings. As staunch advocates for the preservation of Lancashire’s countryside and green spaces, we stand in solidarity with our sister organization, CPRE Peak District and South Yorkshire, in their legal struggle and share their disappointment in the outcomes of their recent legal challenges.

The High Court’s verdict on Ground 2, which dismissed concerns over alternative solutions to the scheme that would avoid damaging the Green Belt and National Park, undermines efforts to protect our most cherished landscapes. This decision sets a concerning precedent for future infrastructure projects that may threaten the ecological and scenic value of protected areas. Moreover, the adjournment and eventual dismissal of Ground 1, which focused on the cumulative impact of carbon emissions, is particularly disheartening. This dismissal, based on its similarity to the unsuccessful Boswell case, highlights a critical gap in our judicial and planning systems’ consideration of the broader environmental and climate impacts of such development projects.

CPRE Lancashire believes that this outcome not only impacts the immediate area but also sends a worrying signal to other regions where similar projects are proposed. It underscores the need for more robust environmental assessments and more thoughtful, sustainable planning to ensure that development does not come at the expense of our natural heritage.

In light of this, CPRE Lancashire calls for a reevaluation of how infrastructure projects are assessed and approved. We must prioritize sustainable development that aligns with the UK’s climate commitments and protects the invaluable landscapes that define our regions and contribute to the health and well-being of our communities.
As we look forward, CPRE Lancashire remains committed to advocating for responsible planning and development that respects the environmental, social, and economic needs of our communities. We will continue to support efforts to challenge and influence policies that threaten our countryside and to work towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.
This outcome is a call to action for all who cherish and wish to protect England’s countryside. We urge supporters, community members, and policymakers to join us in reflecting on this decision and to bolster our collective efforts to ensure that future development is both responsible and respectful of the environments we are privileged to steward.

Eastern end of A628 trunk route in the Peak District National Park near Langsett