What gets built and where

Liverpool City Region Brownfield Integrated Map Suitability Scenario

From homes and businesses in the right locations to greening brownfield eyesores in urban locations, making the best use of the space we have is a key campaign priority for CPRE.

Places to live that are good for people and nature

The places we live should provide us with access to everything we need for a good quality of life. It’s just common sense.

We’re working with local partners and urging the government to create well-designed, vibrant places that people want to live in – with the homes people need, great public transport links and easy access to work, leisure and nature.

We believe that a community voice in planning in the local area is essential.

If you would like to find out how to respond to a planning application, please download our 64-page guide below:

How to respond to Planning Applications

For a briefer but very useful overview of the process of responding to a planning application, visit the website of the Friends of the Peak District:

9 steps to responding to a planning application

Quernmore landscape