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Hulton Park & Garden Call-In Inquiry scheduled for October 2019

Peel Holdings' planning application for an exclusive golf course and executive home development on farmland in protected Green Belt was approved by Bolton Council but the decision has been called-in for the taking by the Secretary of State after a request from CPRE Lancashire and other local objectors.

The Branch is campaigning for it to be refused on the following grounds:

•        It involves developing over 1,000 homes (not a single affordable one) on farmland ordinarily inappropriate in the protected Green Belt.
•        The very special circumstance being claimed to allow this is the delivery of the Ryder Cup Tournament 2026 on a new golf course on the Hulton Grade II Registered Park and Garden.  However in creating the bunkers, bridges, fairways, the very heritage value for the Grade II listing the park and garden with influence of John Emes, famous landscape designer will be mutilated.
•        There are many unnecessary buildings such as a hotel and spa, conference centre, golf academy, that are not necessary for the hosting of a Ryder Cup event.
•        Ultimately the golf course will become ordinary as the coach and car parking area will be given over to houses, so it will be one off event.
•        No affordable housing is due to Peel claiming the golf course will cost £20million.  Therefore they claim there should be no developer contribution for needed community facilities.  Peel is claiming it will pay for the golf course, but of course it is the local community that goes without needed social housing.
•        In our view the harm to high grade farmland and three generations of farmers being put out of business is not outweighed by the claimed benefits –grossly exaggerated.
•        The loss of ancient and mature woodland is substantial.
•        Lancashire Wildlife Trust are concerned for the survival of a number of bird species at the site such as, Sky Lark, Yellow Hammer and Linnet.
•        It is a car based scheme, with little provision for public transport services;
•        Currently people have access across the farm fields and go walking, horse-riding etc.  Peel are claiming there will be a heritage trail.  A boundary fence will limit access.  

Actress Maxine Peake has already filmed a short video in opposition with Hulton Estate Action Residents Together (HEART)  Peake is starring in a Mike Leigh film about the Peterloo Massacre and it was a Hulton who gave the cavalry charge order.  Peake also enjoyed horse riding at Hulton as a girl.  

Our full objection can be downloaded here:




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