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Parbold Hill: a view worth saving!

10th August 2020

Application would cause substantial harm to this prominent rural site, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Standing at the viewpoint on the top of Parbold Hill, one can see Lancashire’s green and pleasant agricultural land stretching away into the distance in all directions, with views on a clear day as far as the Berwyn mountains in Wales.

CPRE supports local residents and the Parish Council in objecting to proposals for further landfill activity on Parbold Hill. The site is within the Green Belt, and does not meet the criteria for very special circumstances to be demonstrable; the harm to the purposes of the Green Belt is significant, and because of the prominence of the site, the harm to landscape character would also be substantial.

We hope that increased reuse and recycling, as well as a reduction in waste, will also mean that there will be no need for this development – which, in our view, should have been applied for as a Waste Landfilling Site rather than ‘Land Restoration and Regrading Works’.

Parbold Hill View | Karen Martindale

CPRE’s additional concerns, both longer term with potential issues with water contamination and land stability, and during the proposed operating period, in which time the sense of tranquillity of the site would be negatively affected. Additionally, there are issues relating to safe highways access to the site.

CPRE Lancashire objection letter to councillors

Parbold Hill Viewpoint Karen Martindale
Quernmore landscape