Zero waste

litter found in field
Litter found in field - Becca Nelson

CPRE Lancashire has long campaigned for a decreased in waste disposal to landfill and an increase in recycling as part of a ‘waste hierarchy’.

Drinks containers make a good example of the huge amount of unnecessary waste generated daily. Rather than being returned to be reused or recycled, polluting natural habitats all over the globe. Yet the introduction of an effective deposit return scheme would boost recycling rates to 90%. This would reduce the environmental damage they cause by stopping them from being littered and make producers of these products responsible for the cost of the waste that they create. It would also lead to an increase in the amount of recycled content used to create drinks containers. More refillable containers would be used as part of a circular economy, which in turn creates jobs, reduces waste and slows down the depletion of natural resources.


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