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CPRE responds to Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Our Places Consultation

21st December 2019

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Our Places Consultation: read our response and find out how to have your say

CPRE Lancashire and CPRE Cheshire made the following comments to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Our Places consultation (see clickable links and also a downloadable word file below).  Please have a read, and if you agree with us, do echo our concerns to ensure the countryside and greenspace of the Liverpool City Region is best protected.  Comments need to be in by the deadline of the 14th January 2020.  See website link:

We see the SDS as a genuine opportunity for the countryside and green spaces of the Liverpool City Region for the next 15 years.  CPRE Lancashire has shared the following views with that aim in mind so the Liverpool City Region has rural places fit for the 21st Century as new development is planned.  We welcome any opportunity for engagement with the progression of the SDS.

We encourage all people to have their say on the things that are important to them, and if you agree with us, please do echo our concerns, in your survey response.  Having returned to the site a number of times it appears the sequence of choices changes, each time, so don’t be concerned if the clickable issues are in a different order.  This is perhaps to avoid a pre-determined bias in the survey layout.

About us – CPRE is the leading local countryside charity, and we want the Combined Authority to embrace our vision for a countryside that is thriving, accessible and that makes a significant contribution to reaching net-zero carbon. We want to see sustainable rural communities, supported by investment from business and government at all tiers, where residents’ voices are heard in decision-making and local needs are met.  CPRE believes that everyone has the right to enjoy a countryside that promotes a healthier economy and a happier community, and we urge all to support our bold ambition to make it happen.  CPRE endorses the five purposes of the Green Belt as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework.  Although the Combined Authority cannot designate Green Belt itself, as this power rests with the local planning policies, the strategic policies should encourage an urban concentration and brownfield land first development focus, to reduce preventable countryside loss.

Thank you for engaging constructively with the strategic planning process with the aim of protecting our beloved countryside for everyone in the future.   If you would like to become an ‘eyes and ears’ planning volunteer to support our work across the Liverpool City Region area, please be in touch with .

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Our Spaces consultation: CPRE’s response

Rimrose Valley
Walker in Rimrose Valley
Quernmore landscape